Amazing Flatbreads

Aish Baladi

Aish Baladi is an ancient Egyptian Flatbread made with 100% Whole Wheat flour and is Vegan flatbread.


Gozleme is a Turkish special flatbread with different kinds of filling. This is one of my favorite with spinach and Feta cheese.

Yufka is a very thinly rolled Turkish flatbread made with just the basic ingredients. It can be used to make wraps or as a pastry sheet for desserts.


Khamir flatbread is a very popular flatbread in the United Arab Emirates. It is made with slightly sweet dough and is the softest ever flatbread.

Emirati Khameer

Fry Bread is a popular deep fried flatbread used to make the Navajo Taco or a simple dessert drizzled with honey.

Indian Fry Bread

Qutab , Kutab or Azerbaijani Stuffed Flatbread is a popular breakfast recipe and the choices for filling can be unlimited.

Qutab / Kutab

Dhal Puri Flatbread is a Caribbean special made with split pea filling. It is a vegan flatbread.

Dhal Puri

Pulka or roti, is a puffed up, very soft flatbread commonly made in the Indian household.

Pulka / Roti

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