Indian Bread Pudding

Double Ka Meetha

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Double Ka Meetha can be loosely translated to Indian bread pudding. It is made with fried bread slices and soaked in creamy rich milk mixture and topped with nuts. This Indian bread pudding recipe is a very popular dessert in the Hyderabad cuisine. It shares its root with Shahi Tukda, which is a popular dessert in the Awadhi cuisine.

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Recipe Facts:


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Hyderabad, Indian

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Total Time

40 min

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– 5 Bread slices Day old bread works well – 4 tablespoon Ghee – 12 oz Evaporated milk 12 oz /  1 can – 7 oz Condensed milk 7 oz /  ½ can – 10 threads Saffron – 5 Cardamom pods removed and powdered – ½ cup Sugar – ½ cup Water – 2 tablespoon Mixed nuts I used almonds, cashews and pistachios

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Part 1

Make the Rabri

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Part 2

Make the Sugar Syrup

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Part 3

Make the Bread

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Part 4

Prepare the Nuts

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Part 5

Assemble Double Ka Meetha

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