Mullangi Vatha Kuzhambu

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Vatha Kuazhambu has to be the most beloved recipe in our family and this Mullangi Vatha Kuzhambu tops the list. My mother made the best Vatha kuzhambu in the whole world.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

50 m

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– Tamarind ball  – Mullangi / white radish / daikon sliced in circles – Gingelly oil – Mustard seeds / kadugu – Toor dal / tuvaram paruppu – Red chilies – Fenugreek Seeds / Methidana – Asafetida – Curry leaves – Sambar powder – Rice flour optional – Salt – Jaggery

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– If using dry tamarind, soak it in hot water and then squeeze out the juice. Now add a cup more hot water and squeeze the remaining juice from the tamarind.  – Wash and peel the daikon/radish and slice it into thin roundels.

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Steps 1-2

– Heat a heavy bottom pan and add the oil. Once the oil heats up, add the seasoning ingredients - mustard seeds, toor dal/tuvaram paruppu, red chilies, methi seeds, and asafoetida. – Now add the chopped radish and let it saute. – Next, add the sambar powder and mix well.

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Steps 3-5

– Add the extracted tamarind juice and mix well. – Add the salt needed and the curry leaves and let the kuzhambu come to a boil. – Now simmer the vatha kuzhambu and let it cook until the radish is cooked. – Further, allow the vatha kuzhambu to thicken to desired consistency.

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Steps 6-9

– If the vatha kuzhambu does not thicken enough, dissolve rice flour in water and add it to the boiling kuzhambu and stir well.  – In the end, add the jaggery if using. – Turn off the flame and serve the vatha kuzhambu over hot rice and mix.

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Steps 10-12


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