Mullangi Pachadi

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Spiced Yogurt With Radish


Mullangi pachadi or radish raita is a very refreshing raita made with fresh grated radish and yogurt and then seasoned. This mooli raita is the best side dish to serve with paratha or biriyani.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

15 min

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– White Radish Greens  – Yogurt Whisked – Oil – Cumin seeds – Chili powder – Roasted cumin powder – Salt – Cilantro 

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– In a small pan, heat the oil and sputter the cumin seeds. Now add the finely chopped radish and sauté it in medium flame until they are half way cooked and loses it raw smell.

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Step 1

– Now add the chopped greens and sauté. Then add the chili powder, cumin powder and salt and mix well. Fry further for a bit and then let it cool down.

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Step 2

– In the meantime, whisk yogurt and keep it ready. Add the cooked radish to the yogurt and mix well. Also add the cilantro and mix well.

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Step 3

– Keep it chilled if using later, since the yogurt could turn sour if left outside.

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Step 4

– Serve the Mullangi Pachadi as side with Biriyani or Pulao!

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