Paal Poli

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Sweetened Milk Poori


Paal poli is a traditional South Indian dessert made during festivals. It is a deep-fried semolina poori soaked in sweet saffron milk.

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Recipe Facts:


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South Indian

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Total Time

1 h 45 m

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20 pieces

– Chiroti Rava/Rava – Milk – Evaporated milk – Cashew nuts – Almonds – Sugar – Saffron strands – Cardamom Powder – Oil  – Salt  – Ghee

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– Make stiff dough with the rawa adding a pinch of salt and enough water. Add a little bit of ghee when making the dough. Let it rest. – Roll the dough into puris and deep fry in oil. 

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Steps 1-2

– Grind the soaked almonds and cashews into a smooth paste. Boil the milk and add the ground paste and sugar and let it come to boil. Add the elaichi powder and saffron strands and simmer the milk. – Soak the puris one by one in the milk and press it gently. Repeat this with all the puris and drain them. 

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Steps 3-4

– Once all the puris are done pour the remaining milk on the arranged puris.  – Let them soak well for couple of hours and they are ready to serve. Tastes good at room temperature or when chilled.

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