Thinai Sweet Paniyaram

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Foxtail Millet Sweet Paniyaram


I thought about experimenting with whole grains to make the sweet appam and came up with the idea to make Thinai Sweet Paniyaram or Foxtail Millet Sweet Paniyaram.

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Recipe Facts:


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Asian, Indian

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Total Time

6 h 30 m

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– Thinai / Foxtail millet – Rice flour – Wheat flour – Coconut grated – Jaggery – Banana  – Ghee and oil – Salt – Baking soda

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– Wash the thinai / foxtail millet and soak it in water. – Drain the water and place the millet in the blender. Add water, grind into smooth paste. – Add the powdered jaggery, rice flour and wheat flour in the blender, grind to smooth batter. – Add the coconut, cardamom powder, salt and the mashed banana. Mix well and let it sit. – Adjust the consistency of the batter by adding little water.  – Mix it well and add the baking soda. Mix it again.

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Steps 1-6

– In the meantime, heat the paniyaram pan and grease each mould with little oil/ghee.  – Pour the batter into each hole of the paniyaram pan and cook it until it cooks on one side. Flip it to the other side and cook on that side as well. 

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Steps 7-8

– Remove the paniyaram and serve warm. – The paniyaram could be heated in the microwave when serving at a later time.

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" I am Sandhya Ramakrishnan, author, recipe developer and photographer in this journey!

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