Til Ladoo

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Sesame Seed Ladoo


Til Ladoo or Tilgul Ladoo or Sesame Seed Ladoo is a Sankranti special sweet from Maharashtra. A traditional sweet made with sesame and jaggery to heat the body during the winter months.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

20 m

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18 ladoo

– Sesame seeds white – Jaggery – Cardamom powder – Ghee

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– Heat a heavy bottom pan and add the sesame seeds to it. Roast the seeds for few minutes in low heat until it slightly changes color and becomes aromatic.  – Remove the roasted sesame seed on a plate and in the same pan, add the ghee and jaggery. 

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Steps 1-2

– Once the jaggery dissolves and starts to bubble up, cook it until it forms a soft ball stage. This is a stage when a small drop of syrup is poured in cold water, it forms a soft ball when rolled between fingers. – Reduce the flame to low and add the roasted sesame seeds to the syrup. Mix well and remove from flame.

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Steps 3-4

– Remove the mixture in a bowl and let it cool down a little. – Grease your palm with ghee and start making small balls with the mixture. Do not wait until the mixture cools down completely or else it will be hard to make balls.

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Steps 5-6

– Store the Til Ladoo in an airtight container.

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