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Turkish Carrot and Walnut Bars


Cezerye is a very popular Turkish dessert from the city of Mersin, which is a large and busy port city that lies midway on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This Carrot and Walnut Bar is the most famous local delicacy which is made from grated carrots and walnuts and dusted with fine coconut.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

1 h 10 minutes

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–Carrots grated – Sugar – Cornstarch – Walnuts coarsely or finely chopped – Coconut powder – Water plus 2 tbsp

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– In a heavy bottom pan, combine the carrot, sugar and 1 cup of water. – Cook over medium low heat until all the liquid has been absorbed.

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Steps 1-2

– At this stage add the cornstarch dissolved in 2 tablespoon of water to the carrot mixture. – Mix well and using a potato masher, mash the carrots well.

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Steps 3-4

– Now stir in the walnuts and mix. Remove from flame. – In a 5 x 7 Pyrex pan, spread about ½ of the coconut powder on the bottom.

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Steps 5-6

– Now spoon the carrot mixture into the dish and spread evenly. Use a spatula or your finger tips to even it out in the top. – Now spread the remaining coconut powder evenly over the carrot mixture and keep it aside covered partially to cool. Let it cool in room temperature.

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Steps 7-8

– Now cut into 1 inch squares and serve! If preferred, sprinkle more coconut powder when serving.

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