Ellu Urundai

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Sesame Balls With Jaggery


Ellu Urundai / Sesame Ladoo is a simple three ingredient Vegan recipe which is a popular dessert for Sankrathi as well for a casual dessert. It is the easiest dessert made with healthy white or black sesame seeds.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

15 min

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– Sesame seeds – Jaggery – Cardamom powder

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– Dry roast the sesame seeds until it golden brown. Make sure you roast it in medium heat as it will burn quickly. Keep stirring when roasting the seeds. – Remove the roasted sesame seeds on a plate and let it cool down to room temperature. – In the meantime, powder and measure the jaggery.

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Steps 1-3

– Once the sesame cools down, transfer it to the mixer jar and pulse it a few times to coarsely grind it. – Now add the powdered jaggery to the mixer jar and pulse it a few times to combine and grind further. 

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Steps 4-5

– Now transfer the ground mixture to a plate and start making laddoos. – Store the Ellu Urundai in an air tight container. It stays fresh outside for about a week (if it lasts that long).

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