Semolina Cake

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Honey Drizzled


If you have never baked with semolina before, look no further. This Semolina cake drizzled with honey syrup has a melt in the mouth texture.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

40 min

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– Unsalted butter  – Sugar – Egg – Milk – Vanilla extract – Fine Semolina  – Baking powder – Baking soda – Salt – Sugar – Honey – Water

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– Preheat the oven. Grease a pan and layer it with parchment. Also grease the parchment paper and keep the pan aside. – Cream the butter and sugar using a handheld mixer. Then carefully beat in the egg and the sugar. Add the vanilla and mix well again. 

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Step 1

– In another bowl, whisk together the semolina, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Sprinkle this over the butter egg mixture and beat just until smooth.

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Step 2

– Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan and bake just until the cake is firm and slightly brown and the edges start to pull away from the pan.

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Step 3

– While the cake is baking, combine all the ingredients mentioned for the syrup in a small sauce pan and mix well. Bring it to boil over medium heat stirring occasionally. Once the mixture boils, simmer to let the syrup thicken a bit.

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Step 4

– Once the cake is out of the oven, evenly pour the syrup over the hot cake. Stop when the cake can absorb no more and then pour again. This way, use the entire syrup to evenly cover the cake.

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Step 5

– Let the cake cool completely in the pan and then slice and serve!

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