Masala Peanuts

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Spicy Boiled Peanuts | Beach Style Masala Sundal


The most amazing street food from the shores/beaches in Chennai is the Spicy Masala Peanuts loaded with vegetables and perfectly boiled peanuts. This Beach style of masala sundal or masala kadalai, as it is called locally, makes for a great protein-filled snack that is so addictive that you will keep coming back for more.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

35 min

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– Raw peanuts with skin – Red onion  – Raw mango  – Tomato deseeded – Green chilies  – Cilantro  – Salt – Red chili powder – Chaat masala

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– I used pressure cooker to boil my peanuts. Wash the peanuts and then add enough water and salt to cook the peanuts. Place the container in the cooker and cook. Let the steam release and then drain the peanuts on to a colander.

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Step 1

– Once the peanuts cool down a bit, add it to a large bowl (big enough to toss around) and add the rest of the ingredients. When adding salt, remember that we added salt when cooking the peanuts.

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Step 2

– Toss around a few times to mix the ingredients and serve.

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Step 3


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