Poosanikkai Mor Kootu

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Ash Gourd Stew With Buttermilk


Poosanikkai Mor Kootu is one of the comfort foods to try on lazy days. This kootu with hot rice and lentils (paruppu) is an excellent filling meal.

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Recipe Facts:


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Asian, Indian

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Total Time

40 minutes

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– Poosanikkai – Turmeric powder – Yogurt  – Salt To Grind into paste - – Coconut – Cumin seeds – Green chilies – Raw rice To season - – Oil  – Mustard seeds – Ullutham paruppu  – Curry leaves – Asafetida

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– Chop the ash gourd / poosanikkai into bite size cubes. Place it in a pan with water and turmeric powder.

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Step 1

– Let the vegetable cook until they are soft.

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Step 2

– Meanwhile, grind the coconut, green chilies, cumin seeds and rice into a smooth paste.  – Combine this mixture with the whisked yogurt and keep it ready.

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Steps 3-4

– Once the vegetable is cooked well, drain any excess water. Add salt needed and the coconut mixture and let the kootu simmer for flavors to combine. – Heat oil for seasoning and add the seasoning ingredients. Add it to the simmering kootu. – Serve hot with rice , paruppu (dal) and ghee!

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