Karamani Sundal

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Black Eyed Peas Savory Sundal


Karamani Sundal also known as Thatta Payaru sundal is a delicious sundal / salad made with Black eyed peas/cowpeas. This Black-eyed pea savory sundal is a quick and easy vegan recipe.

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Recipe Facts:


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South Indian

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Total Time

55 min

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– Black-eyed peas / karamani I used White karamani – Coconut grated – Coconut oil Can use any other cooking oil – Mustard seeds – Green chilies slit length wise – Red chilies – Curry leaves – Asafetida – Salt as needed

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– Wash the black-eyed peas couple of times and then soak it in fresh water for about 2 hours. We could soak it longer as well. Tip - If you are like me and forgot to soak the black-eyed peas, then just keep it immersed in hot water until you prep the rest of the ingredients.

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Steps 1-2

– Drain the soaked karamani and then add enough fresh water to immerse the beans well. Add about 2 teaspoons of salt and cook the beans. – Add water to the inside pot and then place this pot on the trivet.

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Steps 3-4

– Set it on Manual mode and set the timer. If you are using unsoaked beans, then set the cooking time to 10 minutes. – Do a quick release in 10 minutes. Check the beans to see if they have cooked. The black-eyed peas should remain whole but yet be soft when pressed.

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Steps 5-6

– Let the beans drain in a colander. – Heat a saute pan and add coconut oil. Add the seasoning ingredients, mustard seeds, green chilies, red chilies, asafoetida, and curry leaves. – Add the drained karamani and mix well. Let it cook.

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Steps 7-9

– Add the grated coconut and then mix well. – Turn off the heat and then serve.

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