Oats Dosai

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Savory Oats Crepes


This Oats Dosai is a perfect one to try if you are in a mood for a quick dosai and want to try something healthy. This savory oats crepes is gluten free and can be made in about 30 minutes including the soaking time.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

15 m

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– Oat flour – Rice rava – Rice flour – Cumin seeds – Ginger Finely grated – Cilantro Finely chopped – Curry leaves – Green chilies Finely minced – Salt – Freshly ground pepper

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– For Oats dosai you do not have to grind it too fine. It can be a little coarse for added texture. – Mix all the flours in a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Now add enough water to make a runny batter. The batter should be much thinner than the regular dosa batter.

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Steps 1-2

– The griddle and wipe it with a paper towel. – Now take a large ladle full of batter and pour it in a circular manner starting from the outside and closing in. 

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Steps 3-4

– Drizzle some oil around the dosai and let it cook for a minute. Flip over to the other side and let it cook until golden brown. – Remove and serve.

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Steps 5-6


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