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Sweet Potato Fries


Sweet potato fries are a wonderful alternative to regular potato fries. Oven-baked fries are healthier and baking brings out the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes. This sweetness with the spices makes these fries the favorite in our house.

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Recipe Facts:


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Total Time

1 hour 10 min

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– Sweet potatoes – Oil – Roasted Cumin powder – Garlic powder – Paprika – Salt – Black Pepper – Sugar optional

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– Line two baking sheets with a silicon mat or grease them with oil. Preheat the oven. – Clean the sweet potatoes and peel the skin. Make uniform thin long cuts out of the potatoes. Make sure the potatoes are evenly cut.

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Steps 1-2

– Wash the sweet potato slices a couple of times and then soak them in cold water. – Soaking the sweet potatoes in cold water helps in removing the starch and that could help the fries become crispy.

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Steps 3-4

– Drain the soaked sweet potatoes and spread them on a kitchen towel to dry. Place the dried sweet potato wedges in a wide bowl. – To the prepared sweet potatoes, add all the spices, salt, sugar and oil and mix them well using your hands.

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Steps 5-6

– Layer them in the prepared baking trays. Make sure the sweet potatoes are in a single layer and not one on top of another. – Bake them in the preheated oven, turning them once or twice in between.

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Steps 7-8

– Sweet potato fries are a wonderful side for Burger night or with any sandwich.

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